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Lecture 11

ADMS 3440 Lecture 11: Reflection 11

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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 3440
Soosan Latham

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Reflection: Unit 11 Making connections in university is one of the most important things that can have a very big impact on your academic career. Making network with your classmates can help students stay on top of there readings, if they miss a day of class they can have a classmate send them their notes they made to keep them up to date, they can also help set up study group, can also provide connection with future employers through referral and etc. I remember making program friends in the first year was very hard for me because I started my program January of 2016 and I felt like everyone knew each other from last semester and kind of already had their groups set up. I kept to myself most of the year and was usually in and out of school. But the second year I made sure that I had at least one good friend in each class just in case I missed class or needed extra notes to study off of. I remember last year for my social science course I had a schedule conflict of an hour with my psychology course and usually barely ever went to my social science course because I would be attending my psychology class. I had a friend from high school who was also in my social science class that I lost contact with but quickly befriended again so we could study together for our tests and exams and she usually sent me all her lecture notes to help me keep on track with the class and filled me in on what I missed out on which Im grateful for. Even this course, my group members and I have become very close and always send out reminders on when reflections are due if we forget or if marks are up for reflections/quizzes. Its important to making connections with all your courses even the online ones even if its not a classroom-based course. You see, making connections in a university has a key role in y
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