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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 3510
Rebecca Jubis

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Unit Investment Trust Funds • Hold portfolio of oil & gas shares for growth • Hold triple corporate bonds for income • Is created for a specific length of time o Short as one year as long as 30 years • Not actively managed & may lose out on market conditions • Lower management fees An ETF is an open-ended mutual fund that can be bought or sold throughout the trading day like a stock on a stock exchange. An ETF can be bought / sold throughout the day through the exchange at a prevailing market price. • Created on the TSX in 1990’s 1 tracks an index and is traded on stock exchange 2 price of ETF changes regularly 3 ETF’s are passive-lower management fees 4 commission charges Organization of Mutual Funds A) Management Company: B) Investment Advisors 1. Money Manager: 2. Securities analysts: 3. Traders: Segregated Funds—Insurance Companies • Ø Guarantee investor their investment 75% to 100% (up to a certain period) • Ha
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