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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3520
Hernan Humana

b COURSE OUTLINE DISTANCE EDUCATION ACADEMIC YEAR 20102011It is the students responsibility to retain course outlines for possible future use in support of applications for transfer credit to another educational institutionPROGRAMSAccountingCOURSE NAMEInformation Systems ConceptsCOURSE NUMBER ACCT108CREDIT VALUEThree 3PREREQUISITES None REQUIRED TEXTS ComputersUnderstanding Technology Introductory 3rdEdition FloydFullerBrianLarson EMCParadigmPublishing ISBN9780763829360 Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Comprehensive Second Edition Robert T Grauer Keith Mulbery Judy ScheerenPrenticeHall ISBN139780135032275APPROVED BY August 31 2010Director Continuing Education DATECOURSE DESCRIPTION We are currently in the middle of an Information Revolution and virtually all job occupations have a requirement for computer literacy The purpose of this course is to introduce the student to computer information systems with an emphasis on the hardware software and basic Microsoft Windows XP knowledge file managementmaintaining storage locations backups etc and to give students a basic knowledge of Excel 2007 As with all areas of specialization a great deal of terminology new words must be understood for the employee to be able to function properly in the field This course will provide most of that terminology along with the basic concepts of computer input devices processing concepts and output devices August 27 2010 nr ACCT108DEdoc
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