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Lecture 3

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York University
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ADMS 3660

ADMS 3660 lecture notes week 3 chapter 7 Principles approach to ethics (pg 206) - When faced with a dilemma, we apply a particular principle and determine our course of action with reference to the demands of that principle Ethical principles (Moral theories) (key terms) 1. Utilitarianism (Maximize happiness at any cost pg 206) - Always act so as to produce the greatest ratio of good to evil for everyone - If the consequence is considered bad, then it is wrong (consequentialist principle) - example: 24 tv show; president save 1 person to protect 2 million. - Promotes general welfare, proposes a standard beyond self-interest - The weakness: Allows for things that are inherently wrong, permits the innocent to be victimized in order to satisfy the happiness of the mass public. It may also conflict with the human rights 2. Principle of rights (pg 207) - Focuses on morality from the point of view of the individual or groups of individuals, - Looks at individual welfare rather than society as a whole - Does not take in to account "utility" - Proves that utilitarianism is wrong - This can only be overridden by self defense 3. Principles of justice (pg 208) - Fair treatment of individuals - 3 types of justice: Distributive, Compensatory, & Procedural - Distributive: refers to the distrubtions of benefits and burdens - Compensatory: Involves compensating someone for past injustice (aboriginals, cigarette companies etc) - Procedural: refers to fair decisions making procedures or agreements (List of rules to reach the end results) 4. Kantianism (Deontology) - Opposite of utilitarianism (consequentialism) & based on the morality approach, What is right always takes precedence over utility - Morality over maximum utility
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