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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 3930
Diane Jurkowski

AP/ADMS3930 3.0 Management COURSE DESCRIPTION This course develops the required organizational skills and practices of managers to meet their objectives in small and large organizations. Theoretical instruction is combined with cases and experiential exercises to help students develop a comprehensive understanding of the management practices. Required participation in case discussions and online exercises will take place on the course website and contributes to the term grade. AP/ADMS 1000 3.0 and AP/ADMS 2400 PREREQUISITES 3.0 REQUIRED TEXT Williams, Kondra and Vibert, Management, Second Canadian Ed., Nelson, Subir Chowdhury Ed., Management 21C , Financial Times Prentice Hall, 2003 Note: Photocopying more than 10% of a textbook is illegal, and may involve penalties. Do not duplicate textbooks or obtain these photocopies. COURSE CONTENT There are 12 lectures to cover during the twelve week term. It is expected that students complete one lecture per week. Lecture 1: Managerial Effectiveness and Organizational Purpose • READINGS: Williams Chs.1 and 15, Chowdhury Chs 1 to 5 Lecture 2: The Environmental Challenge • READINGS: Williams Ch. 2 • Decision Tree Simulation: Canadian Shipbuiliding Industry - Port Weller Lecture 3 : Organizational Culture and Responsible Management • READINGS: Williams Ch. 3 Chowdhury Ch. 6 • Decision Tree Simulation: Alice’s Expense Account Lecture 4: Planning • READINGS: Williams Ch. 4 The first set of online discussions are to be completed during Lectures 1-4 Lecture 5: Organizing • READINGS: Williams Ch. 11 • Decision Tree Simulation: Metropolitan General Insurance Lecture 6: Decision-Making • READINGS: Williams Ch. 6 Lecture 7: Communication • READINGS: Williams Ch. 5 &16, Chowdhury Ch. 8 • Decision Tree Simulation: Pan Canadian Plastics MID-TERM ASSIGNMENT DUE DATE- To Be Announced Lecture 8: Management Control • READINGS: Williams Ch. 7 The second set of online discussions are to be completed during Lectures 5-8 Lecture 9: Project Management • READINGS: Williams Ch. 12 • Decision Tree Simulation: Project Management Lecture 10: Leadership Dynamics • READINGS: Williams Ch. 15, Chowdhury Chs. 13,14 Lecture 11: Organizational Change and Innovation • READINGS: Williams Ch. 10 Lecture 12: Advanced topics • READINGS: Chowdhury Part III The third set of online discussions are to be completed during Lectures 9-11 WEIGHTING OF COURSE Mid-term Assignment due date: TBA . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30% Participation in online case discussions and exercises . . . .20% Final Examination . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .50% Final Exam DATE & LOCATION: To Be Announced Students are required to present their current sessional identification card, and their York Card or one piece of photo identification at the exam. RELEVANT UNIVERSITY REGULATIONS School of Administrative Studies Deferred Examination Process Deferred standing may be granted to students who are unable to write their final examination at the scheduled time or to submit their outstanding course work on the last day of classes. In order to apply for deferred standing, students must: Register at (a ticket number will be assigned) Hand in a completed Deferred Standing Agreement (DSA) form and supporting documentation directly to the main office of the School of Administrative Studies (282 Atkinson) and add your ticket number to the DSA form. Note: The DSA and supporting documentation must be submitted no later than five (5) business days from the date of the exam. Any request for deferred standing on medical grounds must include an Attending Physician's Statement form; a “Doctor’s Note” will not be accepted. Forms: DSA Form: Attending Physician's Statement form: These requests will be considered on their merit and decisions will be made available by logging into the following link No individualized communication will be sent by the School to the students (no letter or e-mail).Students with approved DSA will be able to write their deferred examination during the School's deferred examination period. No further extensions of deferred exams shall be granted. The format and covered content of the deferred examination may be different from that of the originally scheduled examination. The deferred exam may be closed book, cumulative and comprehensive and may include all subjects/topics of the textbook whether they have been covered in class or not. The deferred examinations for the Winter 2013 term shall be held in the period May 24, 25, 26, 2013. Academic Honest
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