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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3930
Randy Hoffman

Describe an example of a project and a project team being formed with which you are familiar. Describe whether the design of the project and the project team went well or not and why? (Added late on March 19) The project should be formed to resolve a specific, one-time problem, and the project team should be a group of no more than 20 people who mostly spend their time formulating plans Project Management is a set of processes, systems, tools and techniques for effective planning and control of projects. The project team I am familiar with is part of a Volunteer organization called the Elspeth Heyworth center for women. Every year, this center have a project that is carried out by the end of the year as they plan to give back to people in their community especially children. In 2011, I was part of the project team carrying out a project called: breakfast with Santa for the kids’ in the Jane and finch community. This project consisted of 5 lead head and 10 volunteers and one project manager and one resource manager. The project manager: Lisa Boredom, was the conductor and oversea of the whole event. She made sure everything went according to plan up until the day of the breakfast, gifts and picture with Santa. The resource manager: Jane Sherman was the person that was responsible for providing information to everyone on the team about the resources available and how best it should be utilized. She was also responsible for recruiting the lead heads to join the cause in supporting the Jane and Finch committee. In addition, she provided support to the volunteers by educating and training us on what is required of us in the project and also she protected the project environment from factors that could decrease the chance of successful completion. For instance she took care of the restaurant that will be serving the breakfast to the kids, making sure proper accommodations are met for the project. The lead head was created to support the manager in the planning stage of the project and to direct volunteers on the day of Breakfast with Santa. The external stakeholders were sponsors to this organization will include corporations, financial institutions and government agencies that gave grants to make the project a success. The internal stakeholders were everybody on this team that volunteered on that day, the lead heads and the managers. The goal for my team was to make Breakfast with Santa for the kids a wonderful experience. This team that included the project manager, the resource manager and the 5 lead heads had more autonomy as they meet three times in two weeks to provide suggestions to management concerning specific issues like safety for the kids, keeping to time and how to share their share their resources effectively. This team of employee involvement formed because they were the people who formulated the project and were best suited to recommend solutions to problems that might occur. The design of the project and the project team with the help of the volunteers was successful because they went through stages of team development without problems. The first stage was the forming stage, was the initial stage of this team meeting. The project manager made this stage an informal friendly one as she, the resource manager and the lead head meet for the first time, formed initial impressions and developed team norms. At the storming stage, the people in this team started planning and brainstorming the whole project, time and place of the event. Different personalities and work styles were evident in this stage but these members put that aside as the manager reminded of their common goal. They were able to agree to disagree and the manager heard all opinions and picked the best suited strategy for the project. During the norming stage, the team members settled in their roles as the resource manager supplied information about the resources given and how best to maximize it. The lead hands were told to bring two volunteers each that will be suitable and comfortable with working with kids. The next meeting was with the manager and these 10 volunteers of whom I was one of them telling them of what is required and not required of their behaviour on that day. She gave basic training of how the project should be executed. The last stage of this team’s development was the performing stage which made the end of the project successful as each member of the team matured into a fully effective, well-functioning team. On that day everyone worked together to make the kids satisfied and very happy and although some issues occurred, the lead heads, resource manager and manger were able to come up with solutions quickly as these were already discussed in the storming stage. According to the article: Sparking creativity in teams: An executive’s guide by Marla M. Capozzi, Renée Dye, and Amy Howe, they say that the key to making teams more creative i
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