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Administrative Studies
ADMS 3930
Randy Hoffman

Read all the postings and instructor comments that have been made on the question before posting. Your posting needs to contain significant content that has not yet been posted, and be comprehensive and detailed. You must add your name to the bottom field in the posting window exactly as it appears on your course registration. Please post only once on each question and do not reply to your posting. Please note that postings cannot be edited or deleted after being submitted. 1. “Zimmer Engineering” Case (downloadable from the Course Kit): From the viewpoint of communications, does Pearson’s plan create more synergy in the firm? Why or why not? (In your posting, discuss both advantages and disadvantages with respect to communication.) Pearson’s plan of restructuring the job descriptions of top managers will create more synergy in this organization as it will reduce production errors, improve customer relations and the firm will regain its market share. In other for synergy to be realized by this organization, the plan is a good start but the communication of the plan to the managers involved will determine the Pearson’s success. Communication is the process of transmitting information from one person to another in an organization and this is the next important part of Pearson’s plan if he wants synergy to restored back in this organization. The dilemma is to the most effective way of communicating his plan to every manager especially Allan Zimmer in other to gain their approval in implementing the plan. In my opinion, the best way of communicating his plan to this group of managers should be in two ways: one- on-one communication and the formal communication Channels. I say this because, Pearson might have to uses the one-on-one communication technique as a strong start to convincing Allan and Bernard of the changes and when all is agreed, the formal communication will be used to convey the message to all managers in the same level, with the Allan and Bernard present in agreement to the changes. In addition, I suggest these two methods be used subsequently as Pearson will need to exhaust all the factors of communication: frequency, precision, accuracy, richness that will result in more effective organizational processes for the company. In my opinion, I think that Pearson will need to have a one- on-one communication with both Allan and Bernard as they are brothers and will want the get information that is in the best interest of the company as well as themselves as brothers. Pearson should use oral communication between the three of them as it allows all of them receive and access nonverbal communication that accompanies spoken messages. In addition, Pearson can deduce easily where he stands with his proposal and if he gains the brother’s approval and if not, what ways can he amend his presentation to regain their approval. Pearson can have this one-on-one communication in the form of coaching as he communicates with clear detail and reason with the intent of improving their on the job performance and behavior that is directly affecting the company’s profit level. Pearson should be able to meet with these two brothers as frequent as possible to reach an agreement to his proposal and should have a paralanguage of confidence every time he meets with them. When finally the appropriate changes are made, then the second form of communication should be used. According to William, the formal communication channel is the system of official channels that carry organizationally approved messages and information. In this case, Pearson will then convey the approved organizational objectives, procedures, and information through the formal communication system. In my opinion, this would be Pearson’s final attempt as he communicates the changes to senior managers as they are almost at the same organizational level. With the approval of the two brothers, Pearson will have more confidence in communicating the changes to other managers. Finally, immediate feedback should be entertained after the meeting as it is more effective to Pearson for further adjustments if the need arises. The advantages and disadvantages of Oral communication) that Preston may face include: ( Advantages: 1. This method of communication is easy and simple and saves a lot of money because oral communication is the less expensive way to communicate with each other. 2. It allows feedback on the spot so if the receiver is not 100 percent sure what the message meant, then that feedback will be answered right away. 3. Because the message is instantly, it helps in avoiding time wasted. 4. It brings personal warmth and friendliness and develops a sense of bonding because of the constant contact between these people which might work out in Pearson’s favor to getting the brothers on board
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