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Administrative Studies
ADMS 4245
Peter Modir

CH 7 – Concept Selection • Use Criteria: o Ease of Handling, Ease of use, Readability of dose settings, Dose metering accuracy, durability Concept Selection is an integral part of the product development process • Concept Selection: it is the process of evaluating concepts with respect to customer needs and other criteria, comparing the relative strengths and weaknesses of the concepts, and selecting one or more concepts for further investigation, testing or development. All Teams use some Method for choosing a concept • Whether or not the concept selection process is explicit, all teams use some method to choose among concepts: o External decision: Concepts are turned over to the customer, client, or some other external entity for selection o Product champion: an influential member of the product development team chooses a concept based on personal preference. o Intuition: The concept is chosen by its feel. Explicit criteria or trade-offs are not used o Multivoting: Each member of the team votes for several concepts o Pros and cons: the team lists the strengths and weaknesses of each concept and makes a choice o Prototype and test: the org builds and test prototypes of each concept o Decision matrices: the team rates each concept against prespecified selection criteria, which might be weighted • Benefits of a structured method o A customer-focused product o Competitive design: benchmarking concepts with respect to existing designs. o Better product-process coordination o Reduced time to product introduction
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