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Lecture 6

ADMS 4501 Lecture 6: 4501 - W17 - Assignment 3 Information

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ADMS 4501
Lois King

ADMS 4501 – Section N - Assignment 3 Total Marks 14 – worth 2% of course grade Deadline: Tuesday March 21 at 8pm Part 1 – ETF Investing (10 marks) Resource: Your Guide to ETF Investing Fall 2016 0c40df89ba06 Instructions for Part 1: • Each group member needs to choose one question from the list below • Please organize your answers into a single report (per group) to be emailed to me by Tuesday March 21 at 8pm and identify the name of the person who answered each question. • Your Part 1 mark will be based only on your answer. (max ¾ page per answer; font size Calibri 11, single spaced) • If you only have 3 group members, just choose 3 questions (1 each) from the list below. Sample Question Q. Explain the difference between Hedged and Unhedged ETFs and give one Canadian example of each. Sample Answer: Hedged ETFs usually mean the ETF has an underlying basket of foreign securities but the currency is hedged back to the domestic currency. For example, a Canadian investor can purchase an ETF that is traded on a Canadian exchange that holds the S&P 500 index (USA stocks). The investor can purchase a hedged ETF or an unhedged ETF. The unhedged ETF will also give the investor CAD/USD exposure, so if the USD depreciates relative to the CAD, the return on the investment will be lower than with a hedged ETF. (See page 5 article) Example CAD Hedged ETF: RWW (First Asset MSCI Low Risk ETF - hedged) Example: CAD Unhedged ETF: RWW.B (First Asset MSCI Low Risk ETF - Unhedged) Questions List – see next page Part 1 Questions List (Each group member choses one question) Question 1 – Sector ETFs a) Explain how ETFs can help an investor pur
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