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Lecture 6

ADMS 4540 Lecture 6: ADMS 4501- Winter 2017 - Detailed Course Schedule (as of Dec 21)

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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 4540
William Lim

ADMS 4501 – Winter 2017 – Detailed Course Schedule (as of Dec.21, 2016) Class Time and Instructors: Section M – Lois King (Thursdays 11:30am-2:30pm; HNE 030) Section N – Muz Parkhani (Mondays 7pm-10pm; HNE 034) Required Textbook/Course Materials: Textbook: Bodie et al., “Investments” Eighth Canadian edition, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2015. Options for textbook and course resources: 1. New hardcopy textbook (new copies - appx $160; or with Connect resources- appx $170); OR 2. Connect resources (includes e-textbook; appx cost: $90); OR 3. Used hardcopy textbook Note: We will not be using the Connect resources this term for assignments so it does not have to be purchased if you have a hardcopy textbook. Evaluation • Midterm Exam 34% • Final Exam 40% • Group Presentation 10% • Class Participation 10% • Assignments 6% Structure of the Course ADMS 4501 is a now a blended or hybrid course. It consists of twelve 3-hour lectures with 3 of the lectures completed online. The other 9 lectures will be classroom lectures. Please see details below. Tentative Course Schedule (as of Dec 21) Lecture Textbook (eBook) Material/Posted files Assignments/Presentation Dates 1 Online lecture Online Assignment 1 Jan 5 (sect. M) • Stock valuation review (posted file) Opens: Tue Jan 10 Jan 9 (sect. N) • Bond valuation review (posted file) Closes: Tue Jan 17 at 10pm (Students who enroll late need • Ch.4 – Return and Risk (Sections: 4.4, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8) to contact their instructor) 2 Classroom lecture Jan 12 (M) • Ch.8 – Index Models and the APT Jan 16 (N) • (Ch. 7 CAPM - quick review) • Groups formed for presentations Page 1 of 3 Lecture Material Covered Assignments/Presentation Dates 3 Classroom lecture Jan 19 (M) • Ch.22 - Portfolio Management Jan 23 (N) Techniques • Extra Readings will be assigned • 4 Classroom lecture Jan 26 (M) • Ch.21 – Active M
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