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Lecture 4

ADMS 4540 Lecture 4: Course announcement_CPA_Requirements

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 4540
William Lim

Course Requirements for CPA Ontario ‐ Important    For those of you considering enrolling in summer courses and are planning to obtain the CPA designation, we offer several courses which will help you fulfil the CPA requirements to meet certain deadlines.     1. Graduate Diploma   Our school will be commencing its new Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting in Winter 2017 (January 2017). The diploma is open to graduates of our BAS Accounting Honours program who have completed the following courses: Economics: ECON 1000, ECON 1010 Information Technology: ADMS 2511 Law: ADMS 2610 Strategy and Governance: ADMS 4900 Quantitative Methods: ADMS 2320 Financial Reporting: ADMS 2500, ADMS 3585, ADMS 3595, ADMS 4520 Management Accounting: ADMS 2510, ADMS 3510 Finance: ADMS 3530, ADMS 4540 Taxation: ADMS 3520, ADMS 4561 Assurance: ADMS 4551, ADMS 4553 Capstone: ADMS 4570, ADMS 4590 with a minimum of 60% in each of the above courses and a 70% average. In addition, students must have an average of 6.5 GPA in all of the 4000-level courses listed above. More details on the application process for the diploma will be available in April. The BAS accounting program combined with the graduate diploma are accredited by CPA Ontario. The diploma, which can be completed in one semester (or on a part-time basis over 2 semesters) consists of 5 courses. Upon graduation, students will have fulfilled all of the PEP Core modules and 4 Electives. Graduates will be eligible to commence Capstone 1 in the CPA PEP program. It is possible to complete Capstone 1, 2 and the CFE in 5 months. Tuition fee of the diploma is $7,500. For many students who
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