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Lecture 4

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ADMS 4562
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45624 114562 Lecture 4Corporate Tax for Private Corporations Investment Income Introduction to Transfer PricingLast updated on January 29 2014 Changes are in redMidterm informationThe midterm is on Sunday February 2 from 7 to 9 pm and will cover Lectures 1 to 4The midterm location is ACW Accolade West 206Students who have a conflict should contact your course director at least 2 weeks prior to the midterm to be put on the list to write an alternate ADMS 4562 midtermPast midterms arewill be posted under Exam InformationThe midterm information sheet which will be given to you at the midterm is posted with this weeks lecture notesThe format of the midterm is described on the course outline Note you cannot bring your Act to the examsReadings FIT Ch 12 12300Sections 82 83 89 112 1233 129 186Recommend Ch 12 Review Questions 11 to 17 Multiple Choice 4 Exercises 7 to 10 12For Exercise 12 please use the federalprovincial rate tables on page 814 of FITThe federal rates are the correct rates for 2013 The provincial rates are hypothetical because rates vary by provinceIf you need personal ie noncorporate tax rates on an exam they will be given to youIn this course the foreign tax credits will always equal the foreign taxes paidLecture 4 Problem SetSee the separate document in lecture 4 file Also review the comprehensive summary problem in Chapter 12 12500 The recommended exercises are also very good especially exercise 12 which shows how integration works integration will be discussed in lecture 11You can ignore the algebraic calculations found in footnote 2 of the solution to exercise 12CopyrightJoanne MageeJason Fleming
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