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Lecture 6

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Administrative Studies
ADMS 4562
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45626 1AKADMS 4562CORPORATE TAX LECTURE 6 NOTES Last updated on December 18 2013 This Lectures Topics and Recommended Problems1 Taxation of Corporation Distributions Deemed Dividend Rules 11 Paidup Capital 12 Capital Dividend Account 13 Summary of Different types of Corporate Distributions and their Tax Treatment Stock dividends Dividends in Kind Deemed dividends ReadingsFIT Ch 15ITA 82 83 84 891 1843 Review Questions 2 4 5 Multiple Choice Questions 1 25 Exercises 1 to 52 Winding up a corporation after assets are sold and 3 Sale of Unincorporated BusinessSale of AssetsReadingsFIT Ch 15 Example Problem 15240 and Example Problem 15320 but SKIP Parts B to D of the Example Problem in 15320 SKIP 15400 on GST Review Questions 7 9 Multiple Choice Questions 3 46 Exercises 6 to 8Problem Set in separate document 1 TAXATION OF CORPORATE DISTRIBUTIONS DEEMED DIVIDEND RULES 11PAIDUP CAPITALWHAT IS THE PAIDUP CAPITAL PUC OF A SHARE THE PUC OF A CLASS OF SHARESLEGAL STATED CAPITAL LSC OF THAT CLASS SUBJECT TO ADJUSTMENTS found in the Act 99 OF THE TIME THERE ARE NO ADJUSTMENTSWHAT IS THE LSC OF A CLASS OF SHARES CopyrightJoanne MageeJason Fleming
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