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York University
Administrative Studies
ADMS 4562

4562 Outline Page 1 of 12School of Administrative StudiesFaculty of Liberal Arts and Professional StudiesCORPORATE TAXATION IN CANADAADMS 4562COURSE OUTLINE FOR ALL SECTIONSWINTER 2014LAST UPDATED DECEMBER 18 20131Contact InformationCourse DirectorJason FlemingEmailjflemingyorkucaSection MTuesday 7 to 10pm HNE 030Section NWednesday 4 to 7pm HNE 033Section OWednesday 7 to 10pm HNE 033Income Tax Law Course CoordinatorJoanne Magee jmageeyorkucaIf you have questions please ask or email your course director But before you do that please try to look the answer up for yourselfBecause tax law is constantly changing and is very complex one of the many skills needed for a career in taxation or any accounting discipline is the ability to do research So for questions related to the content of the course please try looking for answers to your questions in the lecture notes the textbook and the Act first By the same token for administrative questions please try looking for answers in this course outline first The course materials provide you with answers to most of the frequently asked questions 2Course DescriptionTogether with ADMS 4561 introduces students to the principles and practice of Canadian taxation and related tax planning Enables students to achieve a basic understanding of the Canadian Income Tax Act and its GST implications in relation to corporations partnerships and trusts PREREQUISITES1 For students in an Honours program 78 credits including ADMS 3520 2 or for other students a grade of C or better in the abovelisted course4562 Outline Page 2 of 12Students who have taken a course that is similar to ADMS 3520 and would like to know whether they meet the prerequisite requirement must contact the Tax Course Coordinator Joanne Magee jmageeyorkuca Students who have taken ADMS 4561 in a prior term also meet the prerequisite Students not meeting the prerequisite requirement will be dropped from the course You must resolve your prerequisite situation before January 31 2014 ie the last day to enrol with permission3Learning OutcomesBuilding on ADMS 3520 this course has been designed to help students achieve the following learning objectives 1 To understand the policy objectives and legislative intent of the technical rules in the Income Tax Act as they apply to Canadian business activities and corporations 2 To understand what is involved in tax research reading and interpreting the technical rules in the Act taking into consideration judicial decisions and CRA pronouncements 3 To apply Canadian income tax law and related planning concepts in complex problem and case settings To achieve these learning outcomes students are recommended to devote at least six hours a week to the course outside of the lecture time4Course WebsiteAll students can access lecture notes and other important course info on the ADMS 4562 section M website You can search for course websites by term through httpsw2prodsisyorkucaAppsWebObjectscdmwoaAll 3 sections will use the same website which will be the section M websitePlease check this website regularly5Yorkuca EmailsPlease note that you may receive emails about the course through your yorkuca email address 6Required TextsThe required textbooks are Federal Income Taxation in Canada FIT CCH by Beam Laiken and Barnett 34th Edition 20132014ie the most recent edition This textbook has very good examples and lots of problem materialBecause this book is
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