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Administrative Studies
ADMS 4900
Dayna Patterson

Environmental scanning and monitoring Scanning  Surveillance of a firm’s external environment • Predict environmental changes to come • Detect changes already under way • Proactive mode Monitoring • Track evolution of • Environmental trends • Sequences of events • Streams of activities Competitive intelligence • Define and understand a firm’s industry • Identify rivals’ strengths and weaknesses • Intelligence gathering (data) • Interpretation of intelligence data • Helps a firm avoid surprises Competitive Intelligence Is … Competitive Intelligence Is Not … 1. Information that has been 1. Spying. Spying implies illegal or analyzed to the point where you unethical activities. It is a rare can make a decision. activity. 2. A tool to alert management to 2. A crystal ball. CI is good early recognition of both threats approximation of reality, it and opportunities. does not predict the future. 3. A means to deliver reasonable 3. Database search. Data by itself assessments. is not good intelligence. 4. A way of life, a process. 4. A job for one smart person. Environmental forecasting • Plausible projections about • Direction of environmental change • Scope of environmental change • Speed of environmental change • Intensity of environmental change Scenario analysis • Coping with unpredictability and uncertainty • Considering the possible impact of major shifts in social, technological, demographic, and political trends on the broad environment and the re-drawing of the industry • Changes in the “rules of the game” The general environment: • General environmental trends and events • Little ability to predict them • Even less ability to control them • Can vary across industries Demographics • Aging population • Rising affluence • Changes in ethnic composition • Geographic distribution of population • Disparities in income levels Sociocultural • More women in the workforce • Increase in temporary workers • Greater concern for fitness • Greater concern for environment • Postponement of family formation Political/legal segment • Protection of cultural industries • Aboriginal land claims settlements • Deregulation of utility and other industries • Increases in provincially mandated minimum wages • Taxation at provincial and federal levels • Legislation on corporate governance reforms Technological • Genetic engineering • Emergence of Internet technology • Computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing systems (CAD/CAM) • Research in synthetic and exotic materials • Pollution/global warming • Miniaturization of computing technologies • Wireless technology Economic • Interest rates • Unemployment • Consumer Price index • Trends in GDP • Changes in stock market valuations
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