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Lecture 17

ADMS 2200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Ipsos

Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2200
Alexander Rusetski

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ADMS 2200 Tutorial 17 Notes What is the best way to communicate when business partners
are on different continents?
Many managers report that they spend too much time on email. Email messages can be
quickly written, edited, and stored.
They can be distributed to one person or thousands with the same click of a key,
although soe opaies suh as data opay Nielse have aed the reply to
all feature.
The cost of sending formal email messages to employees is a fraction of the cost of
printing, duplicating, and distributing a comparable letter or brochure.
Email is not without cost, however.
In fact, according to email Software Company Message mind, corporations lose $650
billion each year from time spent in processing unnecessary email communication.
A recent study also indicated that people focus longer on tasks and are less stressed
when they are cut off from checking email.
Caadias divert 42 peret of their eail diretly to juk ail folders, aordig to
an Ipsos Reid study.
Over one third of the survey respondents said they had trouble handling all of their
email, and only 43 percent thought that email increased efficiency at work.
Even though he and his business partner are located many plane hours apart, Damien
Veran, co-founder of Slim-Cut Media (with offices in Toronto and Paris) does not think
email is the answer for communicating with his co-founder, as OB in the Workplace
Toronto-based Damien Veran and Paris-based Thomas Davy launched Slim-Cut Media in
61 The two, who have been friends since childhood, have only seen each other in
person a handful of times since the company launched.
To bridge the communication gap, they use the telephone and Skype.
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