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Lecture 30

ADMS 2200 Lecture 30: ADMS 2200 Lecture 30 Notes

Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2200
Alexander Rusetski

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ADMS 2200 Lecture 30 Notes Chance of Success
You can also increase your chance of success by using two or more tactics together, as
long as your choices are compatible.
For instance, using both ingratiation and legitimacy can lessen the negative reactions
that ight oe fo appeaig to ditate outoes, ut oly he the audiee
does not really care about the outcome of a decision process or the policy is routine.
The effectiveness of some influence tactics depends on the direction of influence.
Studies have found that rational persuasion is the only tactic that is effective across
organizational levels.
Inspirational appeals work best as a downward-influencing tactic with subordinates.
Whe pessue oks, it’s geeally oly to ahiee doad ifluee.
The use of personal appeals and coalitions is most effective with lateral influence
In addition to the direction of influence, a number of other factors have been found to
affect which tactics work best.
These ilude the seueig of tatis, a peso’s skill i usig the tati, ad the
culture of the organization.
You ae oe likely to e effetie if you egi ith softe tatis that ely on personal
power such as personal and inspirational appeals, rational persuasion, and consultation.
If these fail, you a oe to hade tatis (hih ephasize foal poe ad
involve greater costs and risks), such as exchange, coalitions, and pressure.
Interestingly, it has been found that using a single soft tactic is more effective than using
a single hard tactic and that combining two soft tactics or a soft tactic and rational
persuasion is more effective than any single tactic or a combination of hard tactics.
The effectiveness of tactics depends on the audience.
People especially likely to comply with soft power tactics tend to be more reflective and
intrinsically motivated
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