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MIS chapter 9 Customer relationship management.
Customer relationship management: returns to personal marketing. Rather than market to a mass of
people or companies, businesses market to each customer individually. CRM approach is designed to
achieve customer intimacy and is enabled by information technology.
Customer touch points: organisations must recognise the numerouse and diverse interactions that they
have with their customers. Traditional customer touch points include telephone contact, direct email.
Collaborative CRM: provide effective and efficient interactive communication with the customer
through the entire organization. Collaborative CRM integrates communications between the
organisation and its customers in all aspects of marketing, sales, and customer support processes.
Operational CRM: the component of CRM that supports the front office business processes. These
processes are those that directlt interact with customers; sales, marketing, etc.
Customer-facing CRM applications: those applications where an organizations sales, field service, and
customer interaction center representatives actually interact with customers.
Customer service and support
Customer interaction centers (CIC): where organizational representatives use multiple communication
channels such as the web, telephone, fax, and face to face interactions to support the communication
preferences of customers.
Sales force automation (SFA): is the component of an operational CRM system that automaticall;y
records all the aspects in a sale transaction process.
Cross selling: the practise if marketing additional related products to customers based on previouse
purchase. Amazon.com.
Upselling: a sales strategy in which the business person will give customers the opportunity to purchase
the higher value related products or services as opposed to or along with customers initial product or
service section.
Bundling: a form of cross selling in which a business sells a group of products or services together at a
price that is lower than the combined Individual process of the products.
Campaign management applications: help organizations plan campaigns so that the right messages are
sent to the right people through the right channel.
Customer- touching CRM application: using these application customers typically are able to help
themselves. There are many types of e-CRM applications.
Search and comparison capabilities
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