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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 2511
Carl Lapp

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ADMS 2511 M.I.S. WEEK 1 - Lecture What does technology do for us? - connect us with people around the world How are businesses run? - cyber vs. Bricks and mortar Business to Business (B2B) relationships - everything has become accessible through internet - Outsourcing, offshoring has become possible - More of a global reach through globalization No restriction to doing business locally Change the way we make our decisions - more information so we can make more important decisions - Can do research online and more quickly - Improve our ideas - More perspectives, latitude in information we are receiving Summary of Lecture Classification of Information Systems What Makes up a System Porter’s Forces - how business is affected by technology and change Value Change - the supply chain - how we can manage this How organizations will respond to any issues we have Lecture How do we manage information systems - need to manage different equipment - need to manage people, there are people components involved Classification of Information System What Makes up a System Porter’s Forces - how business is affected by technology and change Value Change - the supply chain - how we can manage this How organizations will respond to any issues we have Advantages and Disadvantages - e.g. what are the advantage to use enterprise software vs. Regular software Information Technology - tools to help in: business and personally - High percentage of time is spent using technology (about 40% or so) - Influences what we do on a day to day basis - Almost everything we have has technology in it Leading Edge - brand new technology that performs something that is a Big improvement or hasn’t been done before E.g. Ipad was first type of tablet like that on the market - profit can be made from leading edge technology - Bleeding edge - something that is wasting profits and not making money E.g. Henry’s cameras - Retail - has large stores in Canada or kiosks - Used Ebay about 10 years ago - expanded the business - Made them become Global - wider reach made BIG difference in sales - Allows them to expand and become more geographic diverse - Dealing with parts - not restricted in parts they deal with - Also deals with repairs and service - Fairly wide range of services and parts and equipment When you think of Technology what is it? - Hardware, Software - Reference to Henry’s, how do they do what they do? - Need servers and computers - hardware - Need communications - vital - consists of software itself and some hardware - Need browser - software - can do searches, use it to find any information, always looking for web files (.htm format) - Concerned about making sure they have infrastructure needed - Organizational structure - Management style - autocratic (normally not as successful), Free management style (lais- sez-faire) (more success in implementing information systems) - Knowledge - important (technological knowledge) Infrastructure: Hardware, software - Knowledge and organization structure important People: Computer Literacy - ability to understand and use computers - user involvement is important - companies that are successful in using technology and imple- menting technology require user involvement - When user is happy - user is involved - User says - its our system NOT your system - all about ownership - E.g. If someone owns car we take more care than if its rented - brainstorming to get user involved - how can we do something to make it better - much more productive system - Customers important to - Can help using feedback, input - Feedback loop is important - allow us to improve Technology Layers Personnel - need base infrastructure of platform to provide services (system development, data management, managing security) If we think of components: Physical facilities (IT Components) - need physical components (main computer) even though a lot of things are virtual Infrastructure is important ITArchitecture - plan for what we do with the assets in the organization - take business and use infrastructure to get to the business objectives Different decisions made: - Structured (computerization is common) - Daily operations in
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