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Class Notes for ADMS 2600 at York University (YORKU)

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YORKADMS 2600Monica BelcourtFall

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Paq, Kindergarten, Walmart

OC1525319 Page
29 Oct 2012
Lecture 1 - the challenge of human resources management. Human resources management, the management of people in organizations. 80% of problems at work
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YORKADMS 2600RichardWinter

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Concurrent Jurisdiction

OC1040555 Page
20 Mar 2015
One of the problems with any text on the subject is some key terms are used before you get to the various chapters which better explain them. It begins
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YORKADMS 2600Christa WilkinWinter

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Employment Equity (Canada), Visible Minority, Reasonable Accommodation

OC4916953 Page
21 Jan 2016
Adms 2600 lecture 2 legal issues. Legal issues in hrm consider law when. Ensure fair treatment of employees they will be loyal to company. Clarifies ri
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YORKADMS 2600Christa WilkinWinter

ADMS 2600 Lecture 3: Job Analysis

OC4916954 Page
21 Jan 2016
Adms/ hrm 2600 lecture 3 job analysis. Made up of tasks basic elements of jobs/ what gets done. Position different positions that make up the job. Job
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YORKADMS 2600Shelley MillmanFall


OC333948 Page
18 Apr 2012
Strategic reasons for incentive plans: variable pay tying pay to some measure of individual, group, or organizational performance. Incentive rewards th
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YORKADMS 2600Amanda J HudsonFall

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Performance Appraisal, Management System, Job Performance

OC4425867 Page
27 Jan 2016
Chapter 8: performance management and the employee appraisal process. Performance management: is the process of creating a work environment in which pe
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YORKADMS 2600Gordon Qi WangWinter

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Job Analysis, Performance Appraisal, Citron

OC75881014 Page
30 Sep 2016
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YORKADMS 2600Paul FairlieFall

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, Extended Periodic Table

OC11409534 Page
2 Oct 2016
Most managers try to follow a policy of filling job vacancies above the entry-level position through promotions and transfers. There are advantages and
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YORKADMS 2600Ron AlexandrowichWinter

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Job Analysis, Job Performance, Hierarchical Organization

OC745997 Page
3 Jan 2013
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YORKADMS 2600allWinter

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Collective Bargaining, Trade Union, Escalator

OC938321 Page
12 Apr 2013
Sheila, a york university graduated supervisor of mono trading inc. has performed an appraisal on a marketing team. She rated one of the members, annie
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YORKADMS 2600Gordon Qi WangFall

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Collective Agreement, Bargaining Unit

OC7787353 Page
1 Apr 2016
The union representaion process: employees seek collecive representaion, union organizing campaign begins, oicial recogniion of union, collecive bargai
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YORKADMS 2600Paul FairlieFall

ADMS 2600 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Absenteeism, Motivate (Company), Job Enrichment

OC11409534 Page
23 Sep 2016
For several reason such as conflict in the workplace, better opportunities and composition else where, emotional labour. Back in the day before the ind
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