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Lecture 6

ADMS 3440 Lecture 6: Leadership Profile Notes HRM 3440

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Administrative Studies
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ADMS 3440
Soosan Latham

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December 01, 2015 My Vision - Personal Vision My envisioning is to be a Human Resources Manager or Recruiter Manager for International organizations. In order to accomplish this, I am committed to improve on some of my leadership skills which can be acquired and will help me to become a better leader. During my professional life, I have been fortuned to have worked with exceptional leaders from whom I have learned excellent leadership skills and on the other hand, I also have had the opportunity to work with “not so good” leaders which allowed me to learn the value of good leadership abilities whom by their actions have taught me a very important lesson in life “what not to do or how not to behave”. This taught me how to behave with people. Although, I entered this course with some strong leadership experience, skills and traits, I was conscious that I had some aspects that I needed to work on in order to become a better leader. In order to accomplish my vision, I will follow the five steps that are taught in our class. - The first step is to create a picture (image of the future) of something that is better than the current situation, which in my case is to become a better leader. It will involve gaining more self- confidence and the ability to express my opinions frankly and publicly in front of large groups of people. Sometimes I feel that I lack having the charismatic style of presenting, which I have to work on. - The second step in creating a vision is making a change, making new ways of doing things. I believe the origin of my diffidence was because since my very young age I worked in Human Resources roles without a complete formal training and I did learn my job mostly through experience and commitment. Currently, I am filling the theoretical gaps through the learning of conceptual models and developing core skills which will improve on the ability to take better decisions. On the other hand, I believe, I am overcoming the fear to speak in public by breathing control techniques and visualizing the success. On the group presentations that I have been part of during this term, I started to feel more comfortable in front of the audience, which in my case is a change, at least a start, since I am a very shy person and I don’t like to speak in public. When questions asked in class, I don’t like to raise my hand even though I may know the answer for sure, unlike my classmates which I have realized even though they may not have the answer, they will still go around using the same answers of what the other person has said just to participate. I have realized that I have to gain that confidence too, to speak up more, which will help me to enhance personally and professionally. - The third step in creating a vision is having a set of values. Although, I had a quite good understanding of the areas of improvement regarding my leadership skills, I did not realize how valuable they were in order to become an effective leader. I learned in this class that being self- confident is the fundamental base from which leadership grows and it will allow me to make tough decisions that people expect from strong leaders. My employees will perceive my force of will and it will increase the faith on the company and the mission itself. A good leader has control over the situations and do not let emotions take control over them. - The fourth step in creating a vision requires the leader to build a map, a laid out path to follow that gives directions to get to the desired state. The map that I have set fourth for myself entails to continue my professional development through training and learning, experience and theory to practice which will increase exponentially my self-confidence. I will continue practicing relaxation methods prior to any presentation and looking forward to challenge myself in other fields to build my speaking skills. - The final step in creating a vision is challenging (change for better) - I will be challenging myself if I stick to my personal vision and the map that I have created in order to become a better leader. I will continuously remind my goals which will inspire me to remain focused through this path of success. Few of my other personal visions are: • Get a job in my field after graduation beginning 2017, hopefully in Canada to gain some work experience • Settle down (buy a house, car) by 2019 - Professional Vision Since I already possess experience in Human Resources field, my path forward, once my studies are complete at York University, will be to find a job as Human Resources Generalist or Recruiter and work my way up to a Managerial Position. I plan to achieve these goals by improving on the aspects I have identified. I am planning to obtain a Master of Science Degree in Human Resources (MSHR) in Canada or elsewhere, which will help me to be a more effective professional and upgrade my ranking on the employment market. I have defined my professional vision entailing initially working as an HR Generalist with the objective - change – to grow as professional through hard work, dedication, motivation, commitment and discipline until I reach a Managerial Position (corner office ;-) ) with a delineate plan which demands for me to follow the program I have created in order to achieve my desired end state. In addition, I would like to Get a Master Degree by 2020; Become an International recruiter or HR Consultant for major organizations overseas – 2025 - Strengths and Weaknesses Part of becoming a great leader is to have an understanding of the strengths, as well as, recognizing the weaknesses which need improvement. As far as my strengths, I have interpersonal skills, multi-tasking, ability to prioritize, knowledgeable and experienced, firm committed to do the right thing, at the right time for the right reason – Lead by example – and fair “open-minded”. Even more, what makes me believe that I have these strengths is because I have been told and reminded many times by the people that I have worked with. These qualities also have been constantly brought up and excelled at my job performances eva
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