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ADMS 4245 Lecture Notes - Storyboard, Mail

Administrative Studies
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ADMS 4245
Peter Modir

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CHAPTER 8 – Concept Testing
Seven-Step Method for testing product Concepts:
1. Step 1: Define the Purpose of the Concept Test.
a. Knowing the purpose of the experiment is essential to designing an
effective experimental method.
2. Step 2: Choose a Survey Population
a. the team should choose a survey population that mirrors the target market
in as many ways as possible. In the actual survey, the first few questions
are called the “screener questions”
b. the sample size of the survey should be large enough that the team’s
confidence in the results is high enough to guide decision making.
Samples as small as 10 (qualitative feedback for highly specialized
procedure) or as large as 1,000 (quantitative feedback)
3. Step 3: Choose a Survey Format
a. Face-to-face interaction: it can take the form of intercepts (ie, stopping
people at a mall, in a park)
b. Telephone: cold calls
c. Postal mail
d. Electronic mail
e. Internet
f. Each of these formats present risks of sample bias. It is recommended that
the team use face-to-face formats when presenting multiple concept
alternatives or when soliciting ideas for improving a concept because of
the direct reaction that can be perceived.
4. Step 4: Communicate the Concept
a. Verbal description: it is generally a short paragraph or a collection of
bullets points summarizing the product concept.
b. Sketch
c. Photos and renderings
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