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Lecture 6

ADMS 4245 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Online Advertising, Semantic Web, Gartner

Administrative Studies
Course Code
ADMS 4245
Marius Dobre

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Chapter 1 (Pg 5 – 8, 12,15, 18-19, 24,27)
E-commerce (transactions) v. E-business (online)
Understand the terms on pg 5-7
How is e-marketing bigger than the web? (pg 8)
History of E-marketing (pg 12)
Understand this chart ^
Why does the “E” drop from E-marketing? In relation to the future, no one will be
reaching out to customers the traditional way – how is it contradicting?
Traditional means will not fade away (the way we promote, distribute, we will
never part away with the basic rules of marketing)
How have buyers become powerful with the help of Internet in comparison to
sellers? (pg 115)
Inbound Marketing: When consumers opt to receive offers – the internet forces
you to look at what your perspective sellers want from you
Content Marketing:
Semantic Web: Gartner group – clock example not important
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Chapter 2
Understanding of strategic planning and how to measure (goals v. objectives)
Goal: graduate (qualitative)
Objective: 9 GPA (quantitative)
Understand this chart to achieve your goals and objectives ^
E-business strategy (35) using technology to obtain sustainable competitive adv. (
Business Models:
E-commerce, content sponsorship (pg 39)
Pure Play (44) Brick and Mortar, pure internet business
Performance metrics, KPI’s (44)
Balance Score Card (46) how is it related to e-business and e-marketing, look at
2.7-2.10 – gives a good ex. Of business goals and how the internet helps
Solid marketing principles are getting transferred to measurements on the internet
Understand this chart and
each term
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