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Lecture 4

ANTH 1120 Lecture 4: ANTH-1120 LECT 4

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York University
ANTH 1120
Christianne Stephens

ANTH1120 MAKING SENSE OF A CHANGING WORLD LECTURE 4 Ethnographic methods and fieldwork Critical thinking: A skill something developed over time Active process of thinking includes analysis and synthesis Qualities: Openness consider alternative perspectives and conclusions Assessment process active process of questioning claims and assumptions use of a methodology in some cases Problem solving get beyond and impasses find solutions what is missing what is known? Steps of critical thinking: 1. Knowledge 2. Comprehension (demonstrated understanding) and application 3. Analysis 4. Synthesis 5. Evaluation (last stage and outcome) 3. analysis: Working back to principles? Working back to what is most important or fundamental? Breaking down; isolating; examining Bringing in other specialized knowledge What? Components, grammar, messages, explanations 4. synthesis: Seeing the whole Analysis becomes contextualized Creating a new understanding (creative) Making new connections because of what analysis revealed Leads to evaluation of initial arguments, claims, and explanations allows for planning see problems in context and understanding connections
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