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Lecture 7

ANTH 1120 Lecture 7: ANTH-1120 LECT 7

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ANTH 1120
Christianne Stephens

ANTH1120 MAKING SENSE OF A CHANGING WORLD LECTURE 7 Understanding globalization and neo liberalism: Globalization: the intensification of world wide social relations that link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa Two mega entities: The development of relatively independent nationstates out of empires and colonialism The very recent development of corporations and transnational corporations Nation states: Economic: generally, coordination of ruling elites and merchant classes (+ financial elite) Identity: constructs citizenship and national identity Transnational corporations: As a nationstate integrates national economies, corporations integrate global economy creating trinational corporations Transnational corporations are organized across national boundaries in terms of production, distribution, and sales Massive economies in their ow right Development of world trade Organization (WTO) Write most legislation (laws) Governments, corporations and externalization: Nationstate involvement with corporations Subsidies Labour controls Tax policies Market externalities: Costs that are not included in the prices people pay, such as health risks and environmental degradation
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