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Lecture 9

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York University
ANTH 1120
David Murray

ANTH LectureFergusonemphasized fortified enclaves result in connections that work point to pointoeg point to pointthe in between spaces are huge areas that are disconnectedoeg profits from valuable resources never touched the soil from where the resources came frombenefits include some people and exclude some people they bypass some peopleefforts of conversation grew and fortified conservation and violent anti poaching campainsosuggested wild life in natural parks work as fortified enclavesofences with enforced borders dont benefit people living next to those parkslocal people become enemeies of landscapes they live inowesterners become the heros protecting those landscapesonot conservation altogether rather how it happens and how thinks of local people as distructive Bruce Hayes quoteoWhat people hope for and what they get is actually differentoAlways makes you look at how things are working outEcotourismresponsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves well beingprinciplesouniting conservationcommunitiessustainable travelthese principles are principles that tourists need to engage thi forum of tourism supposed to provide positive experience for visitors and hostsosupposed to provide benefits for local peopleoraise sensitivies to local countries about local and cultural lifetourism has been considered a solution to people who have trouble with a project of economic troubleoecotourism is supposed to make conservation economically viableworth peoples timeincentive for local people to embrace conservation principles that encourage them to respect biodiversitytourism as a neoliberal solutionothings that are not business work as ways not as businesses
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