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Lecture 3

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York University
ANTH 1120
David Murray

ANTH1120 Lecture 3Anthropological Theorymeant and written for undergradstheory is a tool we use to think withoit is supposed to help you think about concrete examplesothese are also tools for analysis which means that theory helps us develop specific ways in which we do researchothink of specifically how we are going to approach a contextotheory helps you recognize and understand things in details and particular wayshow you would approach those contextsdesign questions to askanthros Involves own point of vieworeading what other scholars have wroteoacademic trainingogives different perspective of whats going onoanalysis is always criticalCritical Analysis think of a set of circumstancesmaintain complexity of your interpretationin critical analysis instead of trying to get rid of contradictions and ambiguities figure out how these 2 worklearning to read theoretical texts is what you should learn in the course of an undergraduate degreeotheoretical texts written for multiple audiences Globalization intensified interconnectedness more connections frequentregularhow people formally located in different parts of the world now live in the same societies thats the issue and the circumstances that come out of this intensified interconnectednessthink of these processes as uneven processthe experience of globalization are uneven anthropology how global exists locally time and spaceohow the pace of the global interactions has sped upofaster interconnefctions omore regular more frequnent interconnectionoand across more further boundariesDeterritorialization of cultureoCulture is not tied to territoryoOr this idea of isomorphoism supposes oAll these are reinscribed as they move through new contexts oThe global is also always localnew thing because it emphasises movementomobility
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