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Lecture 6

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ANTH 1120
David Murray

ANTH1120Lecture 6Assignment 4focus on one or many questions raised blood diamonds and gold handdo not explain every factor that contributed to the consequences that you are explainingyou do have to decide how best to explain your position in a critical express your critical opinionresearch argument that convinces the readeruse evidence to support any claim that you makeuse that focus to answer as explicitly as you canoexplain a few different factors that contribute to ongoing inequalitypointing out the complexity without oversimplifying find a contradiction explain what it is and why producer and the consumer think of miners and consumers think of all other actors as wellConsumer Connectionthe main connection here and the one thing that everthing we are reading so emphatically global is the emphasis of connectionhow enough the products you buy and use in advertisements all connect you to the people and situations that connect youlifestyle you depend on is based on consumer goodsothose consumer goods have minerals which are produced far awaywe dont know about how they are gotWhy are we not aware about these things Why not being aware changes your consumer lifestylethe sapphire involved that are considered a mineral goods and they do 9n a small scale bassoentrepreneurial artisenal miningsource of hope from all over Madagascar to try their luck as they do everywhereoimprovisational resourfoulness that miners have as they try to mine without advanced technology or safety equipment or a guranteee they will find anything at allDifereWalsh does not tell us about military forces and the money they makeoAnd they force they use to enforce thisoNot 23 armies doing this but competing armies self organized and not affiliated with any government oMajor armies and smaller armies that may have alliances with one another oThey are fighting over the control of resources or territory
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