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Lecture 8

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ANTH 1120
David Murray

ANTH1120 Lecture 8Connections and Disconnection mineral resources and conservationFergusonbroader context of Africaoin Eruope vibrant tradition of looking at the studies other people had done and try to make comparisonsoFerguson interested in talking about Africa as a huge continent for 2 reasonsAllows him to contrast and compare lots of ethnographies about African politicsFew important things that overlapcan only make these arguments by comparingIn the exerpt we read interested in heavily encompassed enclaves and globe hoppingTalking about African big picturetalk about this vast enormous concept by using this word He reminds his readers that this is an over general termoAfrica covers 15 of the earthoAfrica is home to over 500 million peopleWhat the circumstances about people living in Africa show us about people living in AfricaoBoth economic development and stability after colonial independence and IMF loans How do unexpected outcomes force us to rethink globalizationglobalization is intensified interconnection oconnections across vast distances that are more regular and frequent and more further distances this is the definition of intensificationouneven processoanthropology how global exists in locally specific waysocultural practices move and people mobileboth mobileas they move they are continually recontextualizedthe idea recontextualized and social fact of mobility was an argument against 9isomorphoism of language and mobility1 language is not equal to one ointensification of worldwive social relations that link distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped e vents occurring many miles away and vice versaFerguson global based on issues with borders beyond regions or nationsoIssues cannot be defined through regionalnational bordersFor eg ecosystems do not work in a local levelThe environment cannot be addressed by local or regional boundaries have to think transnationally
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