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Lecture 11

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ANTH 1120
David Murray

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ANTH1120 LectureBazaar Economysituation where having access to information is the maor difference between having acess to informationthink about how social access is made through this bazaar economya bazaar economy is the intensisely valuable search for informationunclear whether it is important or notWhat did foreign consumers find so valuable about a national park Why were sapphires so valuable to themponderable news to talk about the value of sapphires get build over time through what peope say about them Argument unique and genericuses the idea of the global bazaar global search for information think of it kinda as a marketplacea situation in which both sapphires and biodiversity is unique and genericFavors buyersconsumer choice over avaialbe goodsdemand over supplyobargainingdisadvantagebargaining puts sellers at a disadvantageSystemSystemicemphasizes that global bazaar also works as a systemfavors consumers over people who have stuff to selluse term system to suggest that there is something regular between consumers and producers what we have talked about before is not a mistakeregular and repeated between foreign consumers and traders in order to be able to see the complexity in a particular form of inequalityin order to see despite having sapphires Madagascar miners dont have an equal way of lifeWhy not the statelimited state control over resourcesocorrupt politiciansproblemsgovernment has limited control over resourcesgovernment regulation passed to turn Ankarana into a national parkodecision made to no longer sell Madagascar to international traders and instead go through the madagasr govbenrment
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