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Lecture 5

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ANTH 1120
David Murray

NTH Lecture 5How does the way we live affect our beliefs and ritualsthis is about how we live and social political economic and politic lines are organized affect our beliefs and how we act them outyou to think about how our beliefs and how we enact then reinforce beliefs of social political economic and politic linesworldviews helps to explain why and how people living under distinct conditions develop distinct thinkingWorldview ways of knowingseeing Walshdifferent from textbookoWays of seeingrecurrence of ideas about vision about what is visibleoMetaphors of seeingoOn this metaphoric vision famous book called ways of seeingWhat you see and how you see it depends on where you are looking from and what approach you bring with youLocation is not only geographic but also economic moral religious oWorldview gives you a language that the Madagascar people make different beliefs than us Gives a way to think about cultural relativismWhen we think about worldviewoIn numerous examples of native groups talked about hunting and taking resources requires peoplet o do something for the antural world whether that is in the form of offspring or reciprocityoGovernment worlview talk about NA worldview as being centered on humans as being something to be exploitedResource exploitation not a way about talking to be creul to natureWhen we talk about colonialism we talk about plantationsoCultivate sugar for commercial marketsAnother example is cottonoNatural resources taken from the coloniesoThe idea that since you own the colonies you own the lands to be appropriatedoThere needs to some sort of reciprocityoThis kind of history of starting colonies in plantationoConcept of ownership propertyIn Nov 1972oCree took Quebec government to court oBecause it contradicted the treaty rightsoThe Cree wonoThe government instead of respecting the courts overturned the decisionoThe Cree had no choice but to negotiate with the Quebec governmentoDamns flooded native villages which the governemtn payed to have relocated in really weird locations
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