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York University
ANTH 1120
David Murray

Anthropology Lecture 2A historical perspective and what it means for an idea to be socially and culturally constructedoHistorical perspective how ideas change over time and not automatic but built up by our social and cultural practicesCultural uses sharing and meaningStarting to analyze how privileged and marginalized depend on each otherPrivilege depends on marginalizationoNot about opinions but about socioeconomic positionsIn NA it is increasingly growing since mid1970sOnly one billion people earn 20020 000 Over 4 billion people earn under 2000Present history is a continuation of the past shaped by industrial production and colonialism How can we explain the vast inequality between the rich and the poorThe term production is often referred in the social sciences to how goods are labelled for exachangeoLets us talk about labour trade companies under the term productionThink of production through your own work experiencesoDont like managersoSome may be managersDraw on these experiencesRelationship between producers and consumersoWho is selling them and providing them to consumersConsider the experience of producing things that workers will not consumeThe experience of producing things that buyers do not consumeThink of distance why are things produced so farEx Bangladeshndo2 to China o75 of all goods produced in Bangladesh and exported to the rest of the world omostly woman and millions of children working in this field oin Nov 2012 a garment factory in Bangladesh caught on fire and mostly woman died unmarried young supporting their familiesoowners didnt believe that their was a fireofactory made clothes for WalMart WalMart hired another company and that company subcontracts it to other companiesWalMart can claim they did not know what the other subcontractors were doingoApril 2013 in BangladeshBuilding collapses3 weeks to clean this week
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