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Lecture Notes from L1 - L10

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ANTH 1120
Molly Ladd- Taylor

ANTH 1120MAKING SENSE OF ACHANGING WORLD UNIT 1LECTURE 2What is Sociocultural AnthropologyPrimary Question How can people begin to understand beliefs and behaviors that are 1 different from their ownexperiences of difference between ourselves and otherssociocultural anthropology is one of 4 subdisciplines of anthropologywhat are the other 3 subdisciplineswhat issues and questions are sociocultural anthropologists interested inCulture2a key word for anthropologists that represents a holistic integrated and comparative approach to human difference CA text emphasizes that culture is the system of meanings about the nature of experience that are shared by a people and passed on from one generation to another p6culture is a term that helps us to think about how and why there are different meanings attached to common life events and practicesHorace Miner Body Ritual among the Nacirema 3an anthropologist writing about a strange and different culture What do you think Miners purpose was in writing about the Nacirema What do you think hes saying about anthropology and how anthropologists think and write about culture4 Thinking critically about culture Can culture be dysfunctional Is it ok to compare different beliefspractices and say that one is better than the other ethnocentric fallacy or ethnocentrismwhen we judge other groups behaviours or beliefs according to our own beliefs and behaviours with the assumption that ours are right and truerelativistic fallacy relativismno behaviour or belief can be judged to be odd or wrongsimply because it is different from out ownproblems with ethnocentrism and relativism So whats the answerPolitically committed anthropology5 Nancy Scheper Hughes argument for a politically committed morally engaged and ethically grounded anthropology this involves making moral choices which are usually premised around a commitment to social justice and human rightsFilm Cannibal Tours by Dennis ORourke6 1How do the tourists describe the people of Papua New Guinea2 What do the New Guineans think of the tourists3 Why do you think the director used the word Cannibal in the title of the lm4 Is this lm an example of cultural relativism ethnocentrism or both
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