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Lecture 3

ANTH 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Allentown, Pennsylvania, Hegemonic Masculinity, Rust Belt

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ANTH 1120
Christianne Stephens

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ANTH 1120: Experiences of Downsizing
January 27, 2016
Take home:
Social and Cultural Construction: means that things are not
naturally” constructed, they are constructed through practice; refers
how our practices and ideas are build up on what we say and what we
Why did losing their factory jobs a$ect Rustbelt men’s masculinity?
How did losing their factory jobs a$ect Rustbelt men’s masculinity?
Construction of masculinity and job – how and why they are
Rustbelt Revival
Global and Mail article:
oCleveland Ohio
oPittsburgh, Pennsylvania
oGrand Rapids, Michigan
oAllentown, Pennsylvania
oAkron, Ohio
Places the author visited; all these towns are much larger than
Windsor, London, St Catherines.
Less resources available, high degree of economic risks:
o US relied heavily on company’s donations;
o Trying to make enough spots so young people will live there;
o Role of university in economy (eg. MITACS = internships)
Meanwhile, state of emergency in Flint, Michigan  due to water
crisis. The state started getting water to the river (coercive water) and
exposed lead on water pipeline = LEAD POISONING.
Social Strati+cation and Social Hierarchy
oStrati+cation: the process of the creation of the hierarchy;
forming layers and categories of people
oHierarchy: strict level in society (ordering of the levels)
Eg. Gender, class, ethnicity, race
Sex vs. Gender: by saying that gender is constructed, means it is not
automatic ideas. We build them up by learning them, using them, and
teaching other people. Gender is build up di$erently in di$erent places.
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