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Lecture 9

ANTH 1120 Lecture 9: ANTH 1120 (march 16, 2016)

3 Pages
Winter 2016

Course Code
ANTH 1120
Christianne Stephens

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Working for Free? Unpaid Internships in Toronto
Unremunerated Labour
 !"!
%& """
$ !'(  $'
# ) $* + !'
What are the circumstances students work for free?
 "))")8$$8$'9+ 
/$!!5 ;! !
 &""!'
Why do they work for free?
<" ::8$&'
 8$ &'"& &
"! $"))8$'
o#"" ! 
=> $*""?'
o,&/@) "( &""
 '
o/)) ":)8$
o<" "$)"> 
$A"'" + 
 )'
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ANTH 1120 March 16, 2016 Working for Free? Unpaid Internships in Toronto Unremunerated Labour  New form of casualization  Instead of replacing permanent work with temporary work  Paid work is replaced by unpaid, temporary work  Unpaid internships exist along side paid position, you are not physically separate to those people being paid for the work. It’s part of how the things run on a regular basis. Purpose is for education and giving a better chance for getting a paid work. This is a not force situation. This is an active participation from people who decided to work for free.’ What are the circumstances students work for free?  INTERNSHIPS  COOP/PRACTICUM/PLACEMENT  INTERNSHIP WITH SMALL STIPEND ($100 for travel)  Highly competitive environment for entry level jobs, but also for internship jobs. Getting an internship is like an achievement because people compete for it.  Can be full-time professional workload or more  Can be asked to do menial tasks (get coffee, take meeting minutes, clean the kitchen, etc). these are tasks that are not written in the job description. The idea is people want to get the experience for the industry they want to work with. Why do they work for free?  Because they wan to get professional, practical, on-the-job experience. In the past, people get an actual job to get experience. They are not expected to get experience before they have done the job. Today, interns want to prove to employers that they already know how to do something before they even have the job. o Compensate for no industry experience o Pay their dues means they understand that doing this work will help to get hired later on… “starting from the bottom to your way up”. o Experience on their CV, even though they don’t get the experience they really want to get. o Competitive advantage for an entry-level job  Because of their worldview. o Because they strongly believe that they “gained more out of the internship than the company did” (200). At the end of the day, they believe that the work they did benefited them more than the company. They are getting more is what shaping this worldview. o Because they can afford to: privilege of parental support. They don’t have to worry on things like rent and other financial obligations.  Unremunerated intern= not an actual employee  No workplace benefits (no pension, no employment insurance, medical insurance). Employers assume that interns get their financial support from other source like their parents.  Cannot legally make claims about the workplace harassment, overtime, task not in job description (Interns are not entitled to employment laws because they are not actually employees, they can’t make legal claims).  Not entitled to employment standard laws in the same as the paid employees Law in Ontario  ESA 2000  Training should be similar, for the benefit of the intern, inter
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