ANTH 1120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Gentrification, Murphy Renegade, African-American Civil Rights Movement (1954–1968)

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14 Aug 2016
renegade dreams ryan james
note: in adolescents, new
properties are put up.
Corporations like starbucks.
not a universal model.
moral regulation: structural
changes to affect the
behavioural change. To address
social, local ills—> addresses a
problem, fixing it. Putting middle
class in regent park was to
ideologically to create
aspirations and new middle
class performances.
connections between regent
part and eastwood: community
connections, desire to preserve,
chapter one
how does gentrification become
a platform for the expression of
racist ideology? In what ways
does local resistance to
gentrification evoke the
american civil rights movement?
Qs on video?
think about institutional racism?
keep in mind there’s a turning
point when institutional racism
becomes opportunistic, when
discriminatory legal categories
become weapons, in this case,
against poor black families in
how does eastwood community
church (pastor tim_ set
grandmas against their
grandmas against pastor tim
but he gives the rehab program,
in which the grandchildren are
in. It was mandatory and were
being manipulated by pastor
relationship between knights
and coalition? what is the urban
chess that they play?
reciprocatory relationship. i.e.
when coalition tries to get
attention of politician, and gets
ignored, the gang comes up
and makes him take the
documents. these are family
relations, they use each other to
gain access. they are working
key figures
coalition: eastwood history is an
economic and family story. they
are grandmas of gang
members. its about the
economic crash of 1960s and
corruptions and conspireacy at
state level.
eastwood community church.
redevelopment addresses moral
decay of eastwood. Runs
addiction programs. eastwood
defined by poverty and
criminals. dress the moral and
physical decay, so displace
families to sell the house to
middle class persons. 1. rid of
addict and fixed the house
mr otis and the divine knights
used to be gang member,
works with tamara to tell story
in terms of political activism.
Connection to civil rights
movement. i.e. the failure to the
civil rights movement, which
cause the violence and poverty
in eastwood. knights turned
focus from activism to
detention. eastwood is product
of civil rights movement
notice the colours people are
red: locals, no affiliation.
neighbourhood coalitions and
divine knights wear red.
underlying institutional racism,
i.e. ‘who can afford ___’
how are developers definition
gentrification? their outlook
show that african americans are
author challenges to question
not the aims but justification
and the means of gentrification.
cost of living and property taxes
go up due to gentrification, so
redevelopment is a problem to
all people in the community.
anglewood became a
manufacturing centre in 1980s.
housing was bought in the
community. This became a
problem since same person
owns the jobs, factories and
housing —> both the boss and
the landlord, so when profits
dropped, wages dropped and
rents went up. led to labour
union and strikes. life improved
after this since company had to
respect the workers, until 50s
and 60s. Rise of automobile so
railways declined, things related
to railways companies started
to close. investments were cut
i.e. from schools.
through policy makers,
eastwood was having a
persistent poverty problem.
initiative: 1. measure, diagnose,
count and contain gang
members, drug addicts, and
diseased people. 2. gentrify
what is the promise of
gentrification as it’s being sold
to eastwoodians and what is
the cost as many see it?
safer neighbourhoods, more
jobs. local ppl: people will be
pushed out, community
renegade spirit: to dream and
to work towards your dreams
despite the brokenness in one’s
life. can be little dreams i.e.
getting a house, jobs. can be
bigger too.
Injury in eastwood: physical i.e.
shot, poverty, suppression,
addiction, trauma, infection.
Injury: takes different forms. gun
shot wounds, dialitated houses,
uncontrollable young gang
members, heroin addicts on the
street, victims living with
infectious disease like HIV. How
is ralph’s approach to
understanding injury similar to
the way anthropologists think
about illness?
put illness in social, historical,
cultural context. Complete
sentence—> Injury can be
understood as _______. Hints:
cultural, disruption, unsettling,
experience, violence, social,
precocity, response, local.
violence and poverty, or
displacement. this community is
in between. Some are not in
gangs, have been injured and
disabled. When the everyday
strategies people employ to
hedge against uncertainty fail,
when injury causes life to
become more precarious, they
pull together whatever
resources they have to push
intensifying precarity does not
diminish agency. Precocity, in
Eastwood, is activating.
for eastwoodians, uncertainty
means whether they’ll be able
to get away from gang
membership, getting shot,
having a house. they create
safety for themselves by social
circles (people of same
position), sense of community,
belonging, future, structure.
rather than wait for hipsters to
come, why is the state
they’re not going to come due
to awareness of gangs,
what state of gentrification is
eastwood currently in?pre-pioneering
ralph tells us that job losses
beginning in the 60s and 70s
and 80s plus the increase in
poverty and violence, resulted
in local people’s live—and
disorganized (Ie divorces, loss
of jobs so could not keep
structure of family together).
social roles are complicated/
broken new connections made
i.e. people made to rely on new
renegade dream is to push
against the fields to power,
push against exclusion and to
assert your agency. it means
taking what you want to make a
life that you desire.
inversion of power hierarchy
challenges in doing research:
struggled with the sort of
language he should use (this
also made him an outsider), his
credentials do not mean
anything in Eastwood,
participates in a dangerous
community for a year
whose voices de we hear:
gangs, community members
what kind of evidence does he
offer: fieldwork, raw notes,
recorder, interviews
difference between other
reading materials: reflexivity,
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