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Lecture 8

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ANTH 2100
Rebecca Jubis

13.06.2013 Lecture 8 L.22 The Male Reproductive System:  Produce sperm  Transport sperm  Secrete male sex hormones (testostorone) System Consists: - Pair of testes = primary sex ogran, gonads, form sperm and testosterone - A system of Duct which sperm travels. - The penis - Various glands that nourishes and protects the sperm ***Know the structure of the penis  Testes produce sperm and sex hormones  Tunica is the the inner layer of a testes, and inside the testes their are septums that divide the testes into parts. And inside the septums their are seminiferous tubules and that where sperm is made.  Accessory cells: - Intersitial (leydig) cells: lie between the seminiferous Tubules which produces testostorone. - Sustentacular (sertoli) cells: lie among forming sperm, protect sperm.  Each teste carries spermatogenesis independently: - At puberty, spermatogenic cells that stimulate sperm production - First it divides into a spermatogonia - Then this spermatogonia goes into the seminiferous tubes and their they turn into spermoocytes. - 1 sprematogonia makes = 16 sperm cells] - A mature sperm cell contains 3 parts: head, midpeice, tail.  Male duct system: from the efferent ductules to the epididymis then to the ductus deferens.  Male urethra: - 18 cm long male urethra - Urethra contains 3 regions: prostatic, membranous, spongy (penile)  3 sets of glands: seminal vesciles, prostate gland, bulbourethral (cowper) glands.  1) Seminal vesicles: posterior to bladder, secretes Alkaline fluid – neutrilizes urine - Contents is emptied into the duct - Forms 60% semen  2) Prostate gland: surrounds urethra and ejeculatory duct
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