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Lecture 11

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ANTH 2140
Michael Gregg

Lecture 11 November-28-12 4:31 PM Last Class What can Archaeology tell us about how we got to where we are today? Exam: 40% of the course grade Cover from the dispersal of the anatomically modern humans and the emergence of agriculture, village life and social complexity in the Old and New worlds Focused on everything since the last test, but some things will be from the last test Not looking at africa, australia, south east asia Looking at the middle and far east, europe and south and central america Essay: was the transmission from hunting/gathering to food production a truly revolutionary event in human evolutionary history? (Gordon V. Childe) Archaeological evidence form at least 3 different places looked at in class 25% of the marks  Treaty of Versailles created 7 new nations after WW1  Cultural influence of the "germanic" bronze age  Aryan the more superior look compared to the other surrounding tribes, recor
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