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ANTH 2170
Sonja Mac Donald

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ANTH 2170 Lecture February 14 , 2013 Format for the Exam  2 parts – 20 marks – 20% o 1: short answer (terms – 6 terms and you choose 4) – Define and elaborate with example or significance (article, example)  Each term = 2.5 marks for a total of 10 o 2: answer 1 long answer question out of 2 – give you the questions in advance (one on the exam) 5-6 pages handwritten double spaced  Lectures, readings, class discussions and tutorial discussions (up until before reading week) Last Week: Takarazuka  McGarry – focus on gender identity amongst sport  Focus today on masculinity  Gender and sexuality as a performance, and embodied o By-product of culture  A space and place where gender is performed and cultivated o An act or a show that we put on – consciously and unconsciously o Picking an outfit o Learned behaviours (gestures) o Embodied in the sense that we use our bodies to perform gender  Takarazuka: talking and acting in a certain way o Learning to adopt appropriate masculinity and femininity based on what they are performing in the review o The experience and disciplined training of kata (detailed rehersals, chores, etc) teaches them to be good wives and mothers  Disciplining their bodies and acting in a certain way  Gendered identities become embodied through voice, gesture, behaviour o Culture shapes gender identities – they aren’t nature – they are a result of enculturation  Masculinity and Heteronormativity Long article: Murray o Studying male sexuality – listening to stories to people who identify as homosexual or heterosexual o In order to understand their sense of masculinity you have to understand about Martinique (a neocolonial society – neither colonized nor independent politically and economically)  Martinique: o Originally occupied by Arawaks and Caribs o French settlers in 1635; brief English occupations in 18 C o Today, a “region” of France; 400,000 population; neocolonial society o Love-hate relationship with French immigrants (10%) o Benefits from the French educational system and health care but at the same time there is a certain resentment towards the super power of France – no feeling of agency or independence amongst the people who live there as a result o 1636-1848 – French colonists began importing indentured workers and slaves from Africe o Tobacco and sugar plantations were formed ANTH 2170 Lecture February 14 , 2013 o Social stratification based upon class and race – the development of social hierarchy – mental construction of ranking  Based on race and class o Racial Continuum:  Whites – better off economically, powerful, more agency, etc…  Chabins – near whites  Mulatres – mixed black and white  Rougeatres – red-skinned blacks  Blacks o Everyone gets slotted into this racial continuum  Hegemonic Masculinity o Coined in 1990 by R.W. Connell o What is hegemony? Gramsci o Notions of gender and sexuality in Martinique are understood under notions of hegemonic masculinity o Dominant or normative ideals of male behaviour in a society
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