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York University
ANTH 2170
Sonja Mac Donald

ANTH 2107 Lecture March 14 , 2013 Recap: Anthropology of Reproduction  The anthropology of reproduction explores the social, cultural, and political complexities involved in human reproduction in contemporary and historical worlds.  Powerful institutions within society such as biomedicine, law, and politics, shape the way people imagine and manage their reproductive lives, as do global economic and development trends. o The state of Israel extends financial support for families who want children (only for particular kinds of families) The Medicalization of Pregnancy and Childbirth  “Women’s bodies have been scientifically constructed as essentially faulty; their reproductive bodies as potentially dangerous to babies; childbirth as so fraught with danger as to be unthinkable” – MacDonald 2007:95 MacDonald: Gender Expectations  Is natural birth the opposite of the standard obstetric management of birth in hospital?  What is the relationship between gender and the midwifery ideal of the natural birth? Teman, Birthing a Mother  To go beyond the critiques of reproductive technologies, and surrogacy in particular, Teman set out to understand women’s real experiences  Surrogates used body maps and did “emotional work” to distance themselves from the fetus, to create bonding opportunities for the intended mother,  Surrogates normalized their role by claiming medical disruptions to their true selves  Aimed to recover their lives and selves quickly after delivery  Pays attention to the role of the location, unique characteristics of Jewish Israel Kinship  KINSHIP (relatedness – who is in our family) refers to the social relationships that are typically derived from the universal human experiences of bearing and rearing children. The two major way
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