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Sex, Gender and the Body: Cross-Cultural Approaches to the Body, Gender, Sexuality and Kinship ANTH2170 – Fall/Winter 2011/2012 – Karen McGarry Lecture 5 – The Disciplined Body – Oct 05 Foucault’s Main Ideas: - Focus on production of particular types of bodies – docile bodies. o Production – he is interested in different sorts of identities are produced because bodies are shaped by cultures, they are not natural entities. - Discipline as by-product of modernity. To what extent are ideas of discipline applicable within ‘non-western’ contexts? o Different techniques of constructing the body into a docile body. - Panopticism as a metaphor for one of the ways discipline works in modernity. o Constantly monitored and watched, and managing their space and time through the design and architecture of the panopticon. - We naturalize discipline. o We tend to not notice that we are disciplined. Bartky: - What are some ideals (normative ideas) of femininity within our society? o Nurtures, thin bodies, emotional, limited space (women are not supposed to take up that much space – cross legs, etc.), upholding an attractive appearance. - What about masculinity? o Aggressive, less emotional, athletic. - How might this be different from ideals of femininity in other societies? Foucault and Gendered Identities: - Sandra Bartky – argues that idealized femininity predicated upon disciplined
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