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SEX LOVE AND MARRIAGE October 19th 2011.odt

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York University
ANTH 2170
Karen Mc Garry

SEX LOVEAth MARRIAGE October 19 2011 ➔ TEST OCTOBER 26TH ➔ NO TUTORIALS OCTOBER 27TH!! ➔ EXAM IS IN OUR USUALCLASS: DO NOT FORGET STUDENT CARD ➔ 6 questions, 3 will be on the test and you must choose 2 ➔ USE READINGS, FILMS, CASES, TUTORIALDISCUSSIONS, LECTURES ➔ Make sure to clearly define terminology (i.e. Panopticon) ➔ Discuss how terms are used within the context of this course ➔ Example: sex and gender are through an anthropological perspective and not general ➔ Drawing examples from different areas of the course (use readings!!) ➔ Explore concepts critically ➔ LAST CLASS: Killing Us Softly video and Kilbourne argues that objectification occurs when a woman's physicality is fetishized to point where her other qualities/traits are rendered secondary ➔ BARTKYAND KILLBOURNE: ➔ Draw attention to the gendered dimensions of disciplinary power (which, many argue, Foucault ignores) ➔ But...what about men? ➔ Also, what about resistance? ➔ Can we simultaneously reproduce and resist dominant gender norms? ➔ The ways our bodies are shaped and disciplined in society ➔ Many scholars do not discuss the issue with men. Mens' identities are fluid and changing very rapidly. She argues mens' bodies are subject to the disciplinary forces of mass media which has not been explored very much. In our society it has become okay for men to focus so much on their looks-->metrosexual is how people tend to refer to men whom may go to a spa for example ➔ Resistance--> can we create and resist these norms all at the same time ➔ ISSUES WITHALLOF TEHSE RESEARCHERS: ➔ Lacking an ethnographic approach--> comparative analysis (comparing men and women in different societies), looking at different cultural practices ➔ Stuart Hall (1990) stresses that we need to explore how media images are PRODUCED and RECEIVED/CONSUMED;this can be done ethnographically ➔ Draws attention to the fact that the categories of “man” and “woman” are not monolithic ➔ Ethnographicapproach: long term field work based on a particular group of people. Try to understand a person's perception of their own culture ➔ Essentialism: producing generalizations about a particular group pf people are about an issue ➔ Ethnography: helps us avoid essentialist statements (i.e. saying the media is a demon) ➔ Stuart Hall: often times when a commercial is produced for example, they will have a particular message in mind that they want the public to hear but this does not mean that everybody in the world is going to receive and interpret this message in the same way ➔ Amessage may be interpreted differently because of the reader's difference in class, race, age etc ➔ Anthropology: try to understand this kind of diversity and complexity ➔ RECALL: ➔ Sex versus Gender ➔ we will explore is also culturally constructed ➔ Concept of a third sex or third gender ➔ Sex-->observable physical characteristics that distinguish males from females ➔ Physical sex differences do not allow us to predict the roles we are going to play in society--> Margaret Mead ➔ Gender is culturally constructed ➔ Outward physical features may be a lot more problematic then we alluded to earlier on ➔ We tend to think as sex and gender in terms of dualisms. Boy or girl and roles in society ➔ Division of people into categories is not so straight forward and where the category of sex itself is also shaped by culture--> the idea that you are either male or female is shaped by culture ➔ SUPERNUMERARY SEX ➔ E.g. Intersexed individuals ➔ Example of Supernumerary sex identity: Guevedoche (meaning “testicles at twelve”)-males with 5ARD ➔ Individuals who may be born with both male and female genitalia, ambiguous genitalia, or whom doctors do not classify as male or female in our society ➔ Government dictates we must be labeled as male or female. We do not legally recognize intersexed individuals ➔ Doctors say pick whether you want your child to be a boy or girl and we'll do
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