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ANTH 2170
Karen Mc Garry

SEX LOVEAND MARRIAGE 04/01/2012 ➔ Karen O'Connor is my new TA ➔ Exams and essays returned tomorrow ➔ NEWASSIGNMENT ➔ TODAY: Denise Brennan, “What's Love Got To Do With It?” ➔ Ethnography-written description and analysis of an anthropologist’s long term fieldwork and interactions with a particular group of people. Participant observation, unstructured or semi- structured interviews, and other qualitative methods. Emic perspective. ➔ DO NOT CALLTHISANOVEL ➔ Long term fieldwork: live with a group of people, interact intensely ➔ Try to understand people experiences. Emic perspective: try to understand how people perceive their world, what their experiences mean to them. ➔ Unstructured interview -meet up with someone, informal convo, no questions prepared. ➔ Semi-structured interview-list of questions to ask ➔ Quantitative approach-multiple choice, statistics, number crunch.Anthropologists do not do this. They do qualitative research-experiences with ppl ➔ Ethnographies: ➔ experiencing and exploring people's perceptions of their world and events. It is not about finding truth in a deductive way. The notion of contradiction. Many women have contradictory feelings about being a sex worker for example. Contemporary Ethnographies are also: ➔ Reflexive- when an anthropologist is aware of his or her positionality and how it reflects the process and outcome of research. People's perceptions of identities impact fieldwork. ➔ Brennan as white, female, and heterosexual. How does this influence her research? Would it be different if were n older male going into the field instead? ➔ Example: Don Cherry rather be interviewed by a blonde preppy girl than a girl with green hair and piercings. It is all about perception. ➔ Sosua, Dominican Republic ➔ 1980'a started to market itself to tourists because it has good water activities and has whale watching in the winter ➔ 1940-German and Jewish refugees ➔ The town itself is seen differently to different groups of people,Aspace of contradiction ➔ From the perspectives of the female sex workers it is a space of transformation.Alot of Dominican women come because of what is called the opportunity myth ➔ Better future for themselves and their family ➔ Establishing a relationship with male clients that goes beyond sex-better future ➔ Canadians-freedom of mobility and travel ➔ Fear to travel because of governments-fear that these people are here to stay ➔ Sosua -space of possibility, mobile, free, like theAmerican dream ➔ Sosua- a fantasy place, how for them a lot of the men who go there are from working class backgrounds and not necessarily from the upper classes. Modest standard of living in their homes. When they go to Dominican their money goes further. ➔ They feel as though they are rich and they are living this fantasy life ➔ Fantasy Women -seek out places like Sosua because of the perception that women there are different. Somehow they are hypersexualized and more feminine ➔ Represents different things in terms of men and women ➔ Some see it as an evil corrupt place with a bad reputation like Las Vegas for the U.S. ➔ Other tourists who are not necessarily looking for sex view things differently as well ➔ Brennan's Fieldwork: ➔ 1993-2003 in Sosua, Dominican Republic ➔ Facilitated through affiliation with NGO
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