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ANTH 2170
Karen Mc Garry

SEX LOthAND MARRIAGE Jan 18 2012 ➔ NON WHITE WOMEN-- bodies function as fantasies, but these women perceived as inferior to men and non-white bodies, racial hierarchies ➔ Extension of colonialism and colonial relationships (i.e. david murray article) ➔ Film –Hollywood Harems—explores the role of Hollywood films in exoticizing Middle Eastern women's bodies, Exotic—timeless, primitive, without culture, animal-like, primordial (its original and authentic) ➔ FILM: ➔ posed suggestively, bizarre rituals ➔ Woman: named Goodman: Jewish woman from Ohio ➔ Acted as a seducer, loved to drive men crazy with love for her ➔ Hollywood created an imaginary East full of fantasies ➔ Hermes were supposed to be off limits from males but in movies men were constantly trespassing ➔ Example: Cleopatra, son of sinbaa ➔ Women having to wear veils over their faces ➔ Sex and violence started to become regulated on the film scene ➔ No nudity, no relations between whites and coloured races ➔ Nudity slowly came into play over time ➔ More techni-coloured fantasies ➔ Dancing girls (T and S-Tits and something) ➔ Chinese, Arab, Indian etc dances ➔ Western male fantasies –created the narrative of these Hollywood Harem women dancers ➔ Women cast as slaves and so on ➔ Courtship and seduction part of a narrative formula ➔ LECTURE: ➔ We still see these same representations but in a more contemporary context (i.e. disneyAladdin) ➔ Race, gender, racism, sexuality intersect. These images are cultural constructions. ➔ Skin colour and race are perceived to have certain behaviours attached ➔ KINSHIP: social relationships based upon systems of relatedness and notions of “shared substance” ➔ Not all societies recognize the same genealogical relationships that we do ➔ Its who you consider to be your family ➔ Notions of shared substance –share the blood ➔ We use terms like my mother or my father and most of the time when we say mother there is the assumption that you are biologically related. In some cases you could be adopted. This is perceived as natural. Relationship → levels of care and intimacy (expected of a mother for example).African tribe → mother gives birth and child is given to relatives whom have to take care of the child ➔ Culturally constructed bond ➔ KIN GROUP: your family group ➔ How diff people around the world construct notions of family, why are some people included and others are not ➔ PATTERNS OF DESCENT: who we believe our ancestors are ➔ Helps define our rights and obligations to each other ➔ Constructing notions of extended families ➔ Different types of descent: ➔ Unilineal 2 types: 1) Matrilineal-descent traced through mother's line and 2) Patrilineal- descent traced through father's line ➔ Most close family gatherings are to one side for example: with your mother's side way more than your father's side ➔ Matrilineal system is rare (i.e. Iroquois practice this) ➔ Power in decision making and political processes ➔ Patrilineal –most of us have our father's last name ➔ BILATERAL(OR COGNATIC) DESCENT ➔ Common among NorthAmericans and Europeans ➔ People you most commonly celebrate important functions with ➔ Both mother and father's side of family normally important ➔ Example: will receive money from both sides when they die ➔ MARRIAGES: exclusive (common) versus Polyamorous (having other relations outside the ma
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