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ANTH 3120
Karl Schmid

The tourist gaze and the power of the visual Tourist gaze—what is it? According to Urri reading • A form of visual consumption. • What are people consuming? What people are looking for, intangible things. • One of the purposes is a way for the person to record memories, and experiences • A pleasurable and fulfilling activity, and an emotional experience of satisfying • The tourist gaze increasingly involves techne (the intentional, human extension of a natural process). • Techne: Techniques, technology, and tools, to extend human practices. For example, we use photography to extend our memories, and sharing this consumption with your friends and family. • The tourist gaze involves the consumption of signs (or collection of signs) –the signs are constructions of meaning of a place, it has to go through this process of being integrated into a cultural discourse. For example, the Eiffel tower is Paris. • There are literal signs too: for example a sign that says “The grand canyon” so people can find places • The tourist gaze often involves a process of objectification • Objectivity: something being unbiased/neutral (being outside of things, and seeing something as it is) scientific. • Subjectivity: we all experience things individually, we have different reactions and relationships to things • The tourist gaze reflects the occularcentrism of the Western society • Occularcentrisism= seeing as an important sense. Vision is a dominant privilege Bentham’s Panopticon (surveillance) • Bentham would say that being under surveillance changes us • All the prisoners w
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