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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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ANTH 3240
David Murray

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ANTH 3240: Lecture 10 Unit III: Colonial Legacies 1. Review 2. Colonial Legacies -sexual acts and identities have been impacted by discourses and values developed during the colonial era‟ Concubines, massai , etc. -the centrality of racial difference in colonial discourses - are the links between sexuality and race developed during colonialism present in contemporary societies? Class and race and sexuality linked in colonial encounters.  Language used to describe Mumbai = primitive ; taming nature – out of Africa 3. Orientalism (Edward Said) Product of the western imagination; when we hear the orient talked about, what we‟re seeing is the set of ideas that correspond with European views of locations. Western representation about power and colonial dominance over colonies. -Orientalism is a discourse by which European culture was able to imagine and manage a geographic space labeled „the Orient‟, and the people living within that space Examples of “orient” : google search  common content = asian; common themes : nature (flower trees, delicate floral) also (bodies in nature, and highly stylized nature depictions) standard cultural symbols as seen by the Europeans, women presented in sexualized way (like a harem) Contrast to western society: nature vs. technology  extrapolations of European standpoint of the orient. 4. Sex Tourism -What is tourism? Traveling to a place other than your home, to another destination typically far from home to sight see, learn about other cultures, adventures, -What is sex tourism? travel in search of sex. “Primary purpose of sex by tourist with the resident.” Specific experiences, as opposed to just having sex here  doesn‟t take into account the motivations of sex tourism. Transaction is strictly for pleasure for the tourist and economic exchange for local. -Anthropological research demonstrates that sex tourism is intricately connected to geo-political relations between wealthy 1 and under-privileged countries in the global economy, and that these relations are the legacy of colonialism: Explain -Why is sexual tourism tolerated by local governments? 5. Oconnell-Davidson Article 1. Who
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