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Lecture 3

Lecture Three: Introduction to Mass Culture

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ANTH 3240
Allyson Mitchell

Lecture Three: Introduction to Mass Culture September 21, 2011 Introduction Stuart Hall -the study of culture is a production and exchange of meanings between members of society and groups Commodification Commodification - the assignment of a commercial value to something previously “valueless” Example - the pink ribbon for breast cancer. It commodifies the idea that you are supporting breast cancer causes just by purchasing something that has the ribbon on it. It has become an easier to swallow version of the original idea. Rachel Fudge - when commodification occurs, the original political meaning of the object or idea is packaged into a consumer good which is then sold back to the population. Example - The commodification of “feminism” such as “girl power”, as seen in the media as the Spice Girls or other media figures promoting this idea. The true idea of feminism is lost. When something is commodified, it becomes more about individuals as opposed to grouping together to make a change. Heteronormativity The institutions and structures of understanding that make heterosexuality seem coherent, “normal” and privileged. Heterosexuality is positioned as either unmarked (a given) or a natural state, if not moral accomplishment. This has become associated with being “normal”, able-bodied, healthy, certain lifestyle ect. Often thi
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