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Lecture 5

Lecture Five: The Bimbo and the Jock

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ANTH 3240
Allyson Mitchell

Lecture Five: The Bimbo and the Jock October 5, 2011 Baudrillard Article Key words - simulacra, hyper real/representational imaginary, representation, structuralism/post structuralism, semiotics, polysemic signs The fake comes long before the copy. There is no original, natural or “real” - A copy is a copy of another copy ect - A fake upon fake upon fake creates a “hyper real” Hyper Real - “representational imaginary” Representation - The social production of meaning through sign systems - Sign systems can include words, images, gestures and symbols Representation is a process that makes meaning by creating links between conceptual and linguistic or signifying levels of meaning. These links are established through codes that are shared by members of culture. Representation constructs the world in a particular ways that are understood by a society. Structuralist theories are not concerned with what words mean, but HOW they mean according to the structure and workings of the system. The study of these signs is called semiotics. Types of sign systems - Words/Letters (certain arrangement of letters is the sign for a given word) - Images (the red circle with a line through it is the sign for “do not”) - Fashion - Gestures (movement, facial expressions) Saussure - Argued that language is a cultural phenomenon - Generates meaning in a special way - Language produces meaning in a series
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