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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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York University
ANTH 3240
David Murray

ANTH 3240, Lecture 11, November 19 Homophobia and Sexual Rights 1. Review 2. Homophobia -a form of social discrimination that is not always or only couched in terms of individual hatred or fear—it can embrace a range of emotions and it can be socially sanctioned (legitimized through scientific or legal discourses) -homophobia is produced through intersections of different forms of inequality Dictionary: dislike or mistreatment of people based on their sexual orientation; fear of homosexuals; including ideas of dislike and rejections; expressed by individuals and legislation. Located in individuals. Idea that often rests in people’s psyches. Does not just rest individually. Can also exist in wider social contexts such as legislation. Homophobia = social discrimination ; feeling of hatred towards homosexuals. Homophobia can embrace multiple emotions such as love: son coming out to parent who is homophobic who loves his/her son  parents may not reject their child but not accept and ask them to change that. In some countries homophobia is implicitly or explicitly illegal.Attitudes towards sexual minorities  Part of the picture is that homophobia but homophobia is not just about homosexuals. Often discussions about gender and masculinity: being a proper man/woman, political power: the right to discriminate against homosexuality (relationships between nations). Homophobia is also a way of talking about race: less civilized and less evolved than supporters of LGBT. Do not want homophobic immigrants  general racialization of certain immigrants. Canada and homophobia: bullying and not being able to bring your partner to prom. LGBT youth = targets of bullying.Anti-bullying bill  Wilson and Jamie Hubley Russia  Olympics  no promotion / public propaganda or public association with LGBT. Homophobic legislation; boycott. Criticism of religious groups and their homophobic languages and messages. Missionary movements  missionaries carrying anti- homosexual messages and instilling these homophobic beliefs in these countries, 3. Homophobia as an international issue: The Time has Come (video) 1) Is homophobia in post-colonial societies in the Caribbean, Africa and Asia due to the same factors as in Canada? Why or why not? Religiously affiliation shows discrepancy in homophobia. Criminal laws rooted in homophobia comes from colonization and euro-American society. 2) How are LGBTQ groups resisting or challenging homophobia in different nations around the world? What are the common concepts, terms, and/or ideas of this resistance? Wanted more involvement from the United Nation in supporting sexual rights. The UN is an international body, and if they revise the rights to include sexual rights then the governments will follow suit. National gov’ts promote anti-homosexual legislation. 4) Murray, Flaming Souls a) Introduction -Wha
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