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Lecture 11

ANTH 3240 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Patricia Hill Collins, Hazel Carby, Tina Turner

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ANTH 3240
Allyson Mitchell

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Lecture Eleven: The Mammy
November 23, 2011
Readings of This Week
Patricia Hill Collins quotes Hazel Carby as saying “the object of the stereotypes
is ‘not to reflect or represent a reality but to function as a disguise, or
mystification on objective social relations’”. (69)
Controlling images - making racism, sexism, poverty and other forms of social
injustice appear to be natural, normal and inevitable parts of everyday life.
Effects of the Stereotypes
These stereotypes serve to dehumanize other races of people (not Caucasian)
-People of color being portrayed as animalistic, and more “natural”
-This takes away their subjectivity
-This coincides with the hierarchy of domination
-Those without subjectivity can be dominated and become enslaved
Sexualization of Black Women
The feminized black body gains attention only when it synonymous when
-It is being portrayed as deviant
-It is being portrayed as attainable or available
The black body is being part of a spectacle for white people
-Venus of Hottentot
-Focusing on the genitals, butt and larger breasts than the typical white woman
-Fetishization of these body parts in popular culture
Tina Turner
Used the wild woman image as a way to advance her career
-There was already this image of the black woman during this time
-She exploited this mainstream idea
After leaving her abusive husband, she became autonomous
-Independent woman
-Sexually available
-Using her sexuality as being empowering
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